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Why is flashing important for your roof?

Jan 28


Roof flashing is an essential component of any roof and must be done correctly to create a water-tight, long-lasting structure. Flashing is an important component of protecting your roof. It also has many benefits that you may not know about. This is why we have put together this guide on the importance of using good quality flashing when building any roof system.


Moreover, Flashing is important for your roof because it helps to prevent water from penetrating the roof and causing leaks or damage to the structure of the building. Flashing is used to seal the areas where the roof meets other parts of the building, such as walls, chimneys, and vents. 


It also helps to prevent water from seeping into the building through gaps or cracks in the roof. Without proper flashing, the roof may be vulnerable to leaks, water damage, and even mold and mildew growth, which can be costly to repair and can cause health problems.

What is flashing?

Roof flashing refers to thin sheets of metal or other materials that are installed along the edges, valleys, and penetrations of a roofing system to prevent water from penetrating and leaking into the building. 


Roof flashing is typically made of galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, or plastic and is used to seal joints and gaps between different sections of the roof, such as where the roof meets a wall or chimney, or where two sections of the roof come together. The purpose of roof flashing is to direct water away from the building and prevent leaks that can cause damage to the structure and interior of the building.

What does flashing do?

Flashings are impervious membranes that trap water and redirect it out of the roof. This not only reduces the risk of water leaks but also prevents moisture-related problems such as weakening roof structures and the growth of mold or dampness. It also stops insects from getting into the roof and causing structural damage. Flashing adds aesthetic value to the roof. It is a way to make it look neat, clean, and professional.

Flat roof flashings

Flashing is essential for flat roofs because the potential for water to pool on the roof or seep through the membrane is greater. Therefore, proper defenses are necessary to protect the roof materials. Flashings protect a flat roof against storm damage. Strong winds can otherwise drive rain through tiles or gaps.


To prevent water seepage from a flat roof, you can use two flashings: one made of rubber and one made of metal. The advantage of using rubber flashings in place of metal is that rubber is more resistant to thermal expansion. This means that the rubber flashing will still protect your roof material while you repair it.


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