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Exactly How are Western Cities Dealing With Drought and Climate Change?

Jul 6

As the world becomes increasingly influenced by drought and climate change, lots of cities throughout the world are discovering themselves in a precarious situation. With much less water offered, the agricultural industry is battling to maintain itself and also provide food for the expanding populace. Yet while some cities are really feeling the effects of climate change more than others, it's not all doom and gloom. In fact, some cities in the western world are locating ingenious ways to deal with the drought and climate change. Exactly how is that possible? In this blog post, we will check out how Western cities are dealing with drought and climate change.

Where Do Cities in the West Obtain Their Water From?

While cities in the western globe are not unsusceptible to the results of drought, they are in a much better position than numerous others around the world. The cities of Phoenix az, Las Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles, Denver, Salt Lake City, Tucson, Albuquerque, as well as various other western cities get most of their water from the 1,450-mile Colorado River for their residential and commercial needs.

The Colorado River is just one of one of the most important rivers in the American West. It stretches from Wyoming right to Mexico, and also supplies water for virtually 40 million people. It is likewise one of the most endangered rivers in the world, as it is regularly under strain from the needs of an expanding population.

Nonetheless, regardless of the difficulties, the Colorado River is still a reliable resource of water for several western cities. In fact, thanks to a series of canals as well as aqueducts, it is possible for water to be delivered from the river completely to cities like Los Angeles as well as San Diego.

Farming stays to be the single-largest consumer of the Colorado River. In fact, it is estimated that agriculture consumes to 80% of the river's water. However due to the overuse of the river, hot, dry summers, and climate change, the water flows in the river have actually significantly minimized by approximately 20% since 2000. This has actually caused a variety of challenges for the agricultural industry, in addition to the cities that depend on the Colorado River for their water needs.

How are Western Cities Handling these Difficulties?

With the difficulties posed by drought and climate change, western cities have actually needed to obtain imaginative in the way they deal with their water needs. One of the most common manner ins which cities are managing drought is by investing in water recycling and also desalination plants. Water recycling involves dealing with used water to ensure that it can be recycled for various other purposes. This consists of utilizing it for watering, or even for drinking water. Desalination, on the other hand, is the procedure of transforming salt water into fresh water. This is normally done with a reverse osmosis process, which utilizes a semi-permeable membrane layer to get rid of salt and also other contaminations from water.

The federal and also state governments have actually also been working together to buy water infrastructure projects. These projects consist of points like developing brand-new reservoirs, repairing existing ones, as well as purchasing canals as well as aqueducts. All of these investments are made to make certain that cities have the water they need to handle the effects of drought and climate change.

Along with these physical infrastructure investments, cities are also dealing with producing plans as well as laws that will help them preserve water. For example, numerous cities have actually executed water usage restrictions, which restrict the amount of water that can be utilized for points like sprinkling grass and also washing autos. Some cities have even gone as far as to outlaw the use of lawn sprinklers entirely. Along with these limitations, cities are also dealing with informing their residents concerning the significance of preserving water. By doing this, they hope to change people's behavior to ensure that they make use of less water generally.

Another manner in which cities are taking care of drought is by investing in alternative sources of water. This includes things like rainwater harvesting and greywater systems. Rainwater harvesting entails gathering and also saving rain to make sure that it can be made use of in the future. Greywater systems, on the various other hand, involve utilizing wastewater from things like showers and laundry for watering.

Different Actions being Taken in Different Cities

While all western cities are dealing with the difficulties of drought and climate change, they are all taking different actions to deal with these problems.

Los Angeles

The city of Los Angeles is one western city that has actually been particularly hard hit by drought and climate change. Yet because of the billions of dollars that have been invested in water infrastructure, the city has been able to weather the storm.

Most of Los Angeles' water is imported with an extensive delivery as well as storage space network. The Colorado River in the eastern, the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers, and the Sierra Nevada mountains in northern The golden state function as its water sources. Additionally, some groundwater as well as recycled water are utilized. "Los Angeles is less susceptible," Peter Gleick, president emeritus of the Pacific Institute, claimed, "due to the fact that they do have this very broad, varied set of alternatives."

Las Vegas

The Colorado River offers a bulk of Las Vegas water needs. 90 percent of the water utilized by the organization that provides the 2.4 million-person city, its residential areas, as well as 40 million yearly visitors comes from rivers, and also 10 percent comes from groundwater. As an outcome of decreases revealed by Reclamation, Nevada shed 7% of its share of water from the Colorado River this year, but Las Vegas was saved the consequences because of water reuse and preservation. According to Anne Castle, an elderly fellow at the College of Colorado's Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Power as well as the Setting, Las Vegas has taken one of the most considerable actions to minimize its reliance on Colorado River water."

San Diego

San Diego obtains two-thirds of its water from the Colorado River, yet because the early 1990s, it has tried to find different water sources. Ten percent of the city's water originates from a $1 billion desalination plant that cleans seawater of salt as well as various other pollutants. While its populace has actually enhanced, it has likewise increased water conservation and lowered per-person usage.


Phoenix, the fifth-largest city in the nation, additionally makes use of imported Colorado River water. According to Sarah Concierge, supervisor of the Kyl Center for Water Plan at Arizona State University, it also obtains water from the Salt and Verde rivers, which lie within the state yet aren't virtually as bothered as the Colorado River. Phoenix also utilizes sterilized wastewater for a couple of restricted applications, consisting of park upkeep as well as groundwater recharge in some aquifers.


Arizona was the Western state losing the most water from the Colorado River this year, with 18% of its supply gone. Cities, nonetheless, were excluded from those cuts. Due to varied supplies, water saved and also stored underground, and various other aspects, officials in Phoenix metro claim they will have adequate water to withstand future cuts.

Last Thoughts

While western cities are not unsusceptible to the impacts of drought and climate change, they remain in a better setting than numerous other parts of the globe. Many thanks to their accessibility to the Colorado River, and their investments in water infrastructure and conservation, they are well-appointed to deal with the challenges that lie ahead.

With climate change and extreme drought becoming extra widespread, it is very important for all cities, not simply those in the West, to purchase water infrastructure and conservation. These measures will end up being significantly essential in the years to find and also will certainly help to guarantee that cities are able to weather the storm.

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