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A Beginner's Guide to Heavy Bag Training for MMA

Dec 31


A heavy bag is an essential piece of equipment for mixed martial artists. They can be used for many purposes, and they are available in a variety of sizes. Most often, you will see them in Denver MMA gyms is the heavy bags for boxing, as well as the Muay Thai banana bag, they typically weigh between 70-200 pounds.


The lighter bags swing more in nature and help to develop timing, rhythm, as well as footwork. The heavier bags are, however they are designed to help develop power and the ability to sit down on your strikes. It can be intimidating when you are attempting to handle a heavy bag for the first time. Being aware of where to begin can make it easier.


Today, Evolve Daily shares a beginner's guide on how to utilize the heavy bag in MMA.


1.) Jab


The jab is considered to be one of the most vital strikes in every combat sport. For those who are just beginning you must focus on improving your jab, as well as learning how to use it correctly at Peak Kickboxing / Jiu Jitsu. It's a straight hit with your lead hand, with no telegraphed motion. Just like any punch, make sure to land on your first two fingers.


2) Cross


The cross is your main punch. It is usually a direct hit from your dominant hand it's usually set with your jab. Make sure to pivot your hip and then sit before the shot, otherwise, it could be an arm punch that lacks the power.


3) Uppercuts


Uppercuts can be tricky to throw to beginners. They're technically straight punches that are thrown from the sides, but beginners often throw them as wild arcs. Watch the video below as WBA World Champion Drian Francisco shows five essential uppercut combinations.


4) Teep/Push Kick


The teep or the lead leg teep, is in essence the foot jab. It's the longest weapon that you can have and is also the closest weapon you can use against your adversary. It is possible to lean back a bit but remain upright to stay clear of sweeps or counters.



5.) Roundhouse Kick


A variety of martial arts have a strong tradition of the roundhouse kick. Mixed martial arts make use of the Muay Thai version most often.


6) Knees


In clinch range where you can throw knees and elbows at your opponent. It is possible to watch Sam-A Gaiyanghadao, Muay Thai World Champion show how to throw an upper back straight leg onto the back of a bag.


7) Elbow Strikes

The most powerful weapon within the body The elbows are by far the most durable bone inside the body. Your footwork is the same as your punching feet, with the exception of the rotating elbow. Relax your wrist and strike, keeping your elbow tip as straight as possible. Your palms should face your elbow on the same sidearm.


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